We took the solidity and stiffness of the restaurant, added vitality and intimacy of karaoke, flavored with a drive of a nightclub, dissolved this mixture in the comfort of lounge, and then decorated with glitter of star parties and a bright and positive cocktail called «Panorama» is at your service. Want to try? Come, we are easy to find. We are located in the center of Kharkiv, occupying three levels and approximately 1000 sq.m. in a beautiful modern building, shopping center Palladium, located in Kharkiv.

Upper level is a stylish panoramic restaurant with a variety of creative cuisine and a high level of service. In the evening, through the magic of light and the best DJ's in the country this space is gradually and naturally transforming into a cozy lounge, and at night into the most fashionable nightclub in the city. And all this action takes place against the backdrop of the stunning form of the historical center of Kharkiv.

Medium level is a gorgeous banquet hall and restaurant with large panoramic windows, which may take more than 200 guests. Properly planned space and modern equipment allow to transform it into a conference room and even a concert hall, and carry out activities at the highest level.

Lower level is high-grade karaoke club where beautiful back professional singers and professional technical equipment will make you feel like a star even if you do not have vocality. Near it is a comfortable lounge area, VIP lounge and hookah hall, where you can relax and rest from loud music.

Welcome to Panorama (Kharkiv)! We are open round the clock and provide recreation and entertainment for all tastes with affordable prices and the highest level of service.